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DAM Foundation Closes Down

by Ralph Windsor on January 6, 2017

A few different people have been in contact with me about this news and for anyone who has not yet heard, according to their website, the DAM Foundation has ceased operations as of yesterday, 5th January:

Thanks to everyone who has participated over the last seven years. Special thanks to the community members who have actively contributed and helped the DAM Foundation and to all that have benefited from the free information the DAM Foundation has distributed.” [Read More]

Although the DAM Foundation had been fairly inactive for the last year or two, there are a number of other initiatives like the DAM Directory and digital asset manager’s salary survey which were released under their auspices.  I believe the former is independently hosted and maintained, so should continue.

I have emailed Mark Davey to find out what plans he has (if any) for these resources.  To answer some of the questions I have received about replacing them (and replicating some of the work they carried out) this is something I am actively considering, but I want to find out what Mark’s plans are first and also whether there will be wider interest in participating in any on-going service of a similar nature.  The DAM industry needs more educational resources, not less, but if not enough people are willing to get actively involved and participate in their origination then this is the kind of outcome that should be expected.

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E Keathley January 9, 2017 at 1:09 pm

If you want to continue the salary survey work, I’m down. I had hoped it would continue after I left in the fall of 2015, but alas, no one at DAMF provided that work.

Emily Kolvitz January 16, 2017 at 8:32 pm

People can still access a lot of the DAM Foundation’s resources and content through the WayBack Machine. Maybe Mark can change the 404 not found message to mention that…*/

If not, perhaps some of that content can be repurposed for a new education site! (pending the authors are ok with that of course!) :)

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