DAM Federation: New Industry Association Launches

Today DAM Federation, a new DAM industry association officially launches.  This is a loose association of affiliated Digital Asset Management community information and educational resources of which DAM News is a member:

DAM Federation is a group of affiliated Digital Asset Management information services providers who have a common goal of educating and informing the Digital Asset community.  DAM Federation services are predominantly not for profit in nature, however, they may be provided by organisations who are engaged in commercial activities. The objective of the DAM Federation is to support the activities of the participating service providers to better ensure that they can continue to survive and prosper.” [Read More]

In addition to DAM News, the other participating services include:

Over the years, there have been a number of DAM educational resources which have either closed or are no longer updated.  What we hope is that by forming DAM Federation, we can provide a mutual platform that supports all these activities to enable them to develop and grow.  In the first instance, DAM Federation will be limited to providing a catalogue of the resources offered, later we plan to cross-promote them and also have some other more ambitious and wider ranging objectives which we will share over the forthcoming weeks and months.

DAM Federation are also now inviting wider participation from providers of other similar community resources who may wish to join, in addition to those listed above.  The key stipulation we are making currently is that they must not be promotional vehicles for a specific DAM-related product or service.  The organisation or individual providing the resource may be involved in commercial activities, however, they must be separate and ring-fenced from any community service they offer.  Please contact us if you have a suggestion or would like to propose a resource you or your organisation has developed.


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