Buying Enterprise DAM Systems Report – Forthcoming Price Change

Earlier this year, we published a report with guidance about how to buy an Enterprise DAM system.  The 86 page document has checklists, guidance notes, example RFP, vendor brief and demonstration briefs.  As well as details about purchasing a DAM, it goes on to cover the implementation activities that need to take place once a candidate has been chosen.

This seemed to be well-received and a number of copies were downloaded (and I gather it has been used by some to assist their selection processes).  We also added optional DAM Federation accreditation so those who wish to get some certification that they have followed the material (and understood it) can do so.

The popularity of the report and feedback from some purchasers has suggested that it is too cheap, especially as there is an organisation-wide licence rather than separate copies being required for each reader.  As such, from 15th December, the price will rise to $499 from $299.  If you wish to purchase a copy and have not so far, we recommend you do so beforehand to save $200.  The $100 discount for DAM end-users still applies.  Details are on the report overview page:

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