Big Pictures Photo Agency Facing ‘Cashflow Problems’

As reported in Press Gazette on Friday, paparazzi photo agency, Big Pictures, are currently undergoing  ‘cashflow problems’ and have been forced to clarify their position to staff:

An email sent to staff today said that the company was not in administration and remains under the control of current management.  But it added: ‘We are receiving ongoing professional advice and taking all steps necessary to protect the interests of creditors of the company’.’As you may be aware, the company is currently experiencing cash flow problems and therefore only essential payments for short-term ongoing trading are being made at present.’ ” [Read More]

One might be tempted to remark that if owner, Darryn Lyons had spent less time gallivanting with his celebrity buddies and more of it selling photos of them then Big Pictures might not be in the parlous financial state that they now appear to be, however, that is conjecture and speculation on my part as the exact reasons for the agency’s current difficulties are still unknown.  A more serious point is that it does clearly illustrate how even experienced photo/image entrepreneurs are currently having a tough time generating revenue from images specifically and media assets in general.

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