Adobe Max: Big On Tablets And Mobile HTML But Short On Flash

The Adobe Max conference saw the announcement of a few acquisitions and new products which might show the direction the company is taking and some potential trends for DAM:

  • Adobe announced they are acquiring Nitobi, sponsors of the open source PhoneGap system that allows end users to create mobile apps using HTML.
  • Creative Cloud was announced: which features a range of apps targeted at creating content on tablets.  These potentially provide the basics of DAM on tablets devices, including Carousel for image management, Collage for assembling images on a virtual lightbox and Debut for marking up Creative Suite files.
  • Also announced was Adobe Proto which allows the creation of wireframe prototypes of websites.
  • Adobe have acquired Typekit who develop hosted fonts
  • Flash 11 and Air Player 3 were also announced.

How much of the tablet oriented material is the tail wagging the dog is hard to say.  My own experience is that tablet use is still not very high for DAM because the methods of interaction are too clumsy to enable productive work when compared with conventional desktop technologies that still rely on mice and keyboards, but clearly effort is being directed towards this area to make it easier and it does seem like the writing is on the wall for Flash (as many have predicted for some time).

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