Adobe Launches Hosted Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe today announced a suite of tools to assist publishers to produce and sell on-line content.  The move is believed to be a response to the increased demand for electronic books and newspapers as a result of the increasing popularity of the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and other hybrid mobile devices.

Using InDesign CS5, PDF, HTML5 and the Digital Publishing Suite, publishers will be able to efficiently author both fixed and adaptive layouts, natively build new levels of interactivity directly in InDesign, distribute and monetize their digital editions, and optimize their editorial and advertising content for a complete end-to-end digital publishing workflow.” [Read More]

See the release for more detailed information as well as the press release referenced above:

Publishers can access prebuilt dashboards directly from within the hosted publishing workflow to view key advertising and subscriber data including total ad views, issue download and purchase metrics and engagement with interactive content such as video. Valuable viewer-profile analytics can supplement traditional offline point-of-sale (POS) data to build a more comprehensive understanding of an individual subscriber. Drill-down reporting and analytics are available through a separate Adobe SiteCatalyst subscription. Additional dashboard and reports can be custom tailored to meet a publisher’s unique business goals.” [Read More]

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