Webinar: The Copyright Killings, Wed May 8th 2013, 10am PT, 2pm ET, 6pm GMT, 7pm Europe

Picturepark are hosting a webinar about content copyright, social media and the issue of so called orphan works which we have covered a lot on DAM News recently.  Although Picturepark are organising the event, it is less about DAM and more about copyright issues.  The speakers include: Michael Steidl, from the IPTC, Jeff Sedlik, from PLUS Coalition and David Riecks of Photometadata.org.

As more people share more content across social networks, the issue of who owns that content becomes increasingly important. Find out how the business practices of social networks mixed with pending global legislation could create the “perfect storm” of copyright-free chaos.” [Read More]

The direct link to register is here: http://on.picturepark.com/acton/form/3736/003d:d-0006/0/index.htm

At present, it’s mainly photographers who have concerns about orphan works, the stripping of embedded metadata from images and various other controversial practices in relation to intellectual property.  Since much of this ‘grey’ content is sourced from social media channels there is currently more emphasis on that.

Increasingly for business users, however, it will be DAM systems where content is downloaded from.  Many may make the incorrect assumption that all material on their DAM system is automatically owned by the organisation and therefore safe to use however they wish.  I know most DAM systems have features to guard against unauthorised, but how widely and comprehensively they actually get used is a different question.

I don’t know if this is already happening, but my expectation is that these issues may soon become highly relevant to DAM users too as I can foresee content owners starting to want to know more about where their intellectual property is going to be stored and who is permitted access to it.  It might not be enough soon to just place a usage restriction notice next to an image, video etc and assume that will cover it – as many content owners may doubt how diligently their rights are being protected.  A lot depends on what happens with orphan works legislation, but even then, if the IP holder has asserted their ownership when they supplied content and can prove subsequent unauthorised use then there will still be a liability.

If you have responsibility for an asset collection that uses a lot of third party content then even if copyright is not your direct area of interest then this webinar could be worth checking out because of the potential legal implications.  DAM vendors may wish to dial in to get an idea of what rights management features may be on the agenda with their customers and clients soon also.

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