DAM In The Context Of Content Choreography Webinar, 21st March 2012, 1pm ET

Earley Associates have announced a one off webinar: “DAM and The Art of Content Choreography“.  The event will feature Seth Maislin and Dan Taylor (both from Earley).  If you’re nervously unsure about what exactly ‘Content Choreography’ means, this Earley article explains:

We like Content Choreography because it resonates. It conjures up mental images of what you’re trying to achieve with a dynamic user experience, and how you’re going to get there. It takes a very abstract notion and makes it tangible, something you can get your head around, something that’s a living part of the interaction that makes dynamic user experience what it is.” [Read More]

I must admit, I am somewhat reminded of the Frank Zappa description of writing about music as being “like dancing about architecture” when reading phrases like ‘Content Choreography’.  If you’re eager to keep up with the pace during DAM/ECM buzzword bingo competitions at your place of work, however, then you’ll leave 1pm ET on Wednesday 21st March free in your diary.

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