Amazon Present Digital Media In The AWS Cloud Webinar, 22nd May 2012 (9am PT)

Major DAM vendor supplier, Amazon Web Services present this webinar on how to use AWS to deliver large scale digital media solutions using their AWS Cloud platform:

With the advent of digital media, 3D, HD, animated video, and an expanding array of internet devices, Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies find it more difficult to maximize the monetization of both their new and back catalog content.  There are significant IT challenges involved in delivering personalized content, both on-demand and live, to your customer’s device of choice.   In this webinar we show you how AWS and partner solutions solve these problems.  Specifically, you will learn how to transfer your large media files quickly, scale your storage, speed up your processing and analytics jobs, and deliver your content at scale.” [Read More]

If you’re an AWS customer, the webinar seems like it will give you some useful tips on scaling up DAM infrastructures to help deliver customer requirements.  Whether the levelling of the playing field is good for DAM vendors who already have accumulated Cloud expertise is harder to gauge, however, if you are an internal department wanting to save some money on consultants (or recent entrant to the DAM market) then the event looks useful.

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