Call for Contributions: DAM and PIM

Although we are still accepting contributions for our series on API-First and Headless DAM, we would like to introduce this month’s editorial theme of DAM and PIM (Product Information Management).

What is Product Information Management?

As the name suggests, PIM is a collection of technologies and methods that allow the centralised management of product data, including descriptions, specifications, pricing and related information.  PIM systems are designed to ensure the consistency and accuracy of product information across various retail, e-commerce and marketing channels, and often includes features to enrich products such as images, video and promotional content.  With DAM positioned as an ideal hub for managing, storing and distributing such product-oriented digital assets, the combination of DAM and PIM is one of the most common platform integrations.

Call for Contributions

In our upcoming series, we will be exploring the interplay between PIM and DAM systems, including the tips, techniques and technologies used in an increasingly interconnected and integrated digital retail landscape.  We are therefore inviting our readers and subscribers for contributions on the subject.  Whether you are a seasoned PIM developer, an expert PIM manager for a large multinational, or a small online start-up, we’d love to hear about your experiences, insights and challenges regarding PIM and DAM integration.

Articles should be non-promotional and adhere to our editorial guidelines.

You can send your contributions to

We reserve the right to modify submissions in order to comply with our editorial guidelines and will notify the author should we need to make any changes.  We will also provide a link to either you or your company’s website and/or LinkedIn profile.

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