DAM News Special Feature: Becoming A DAM Superhero

David Diamond, author of the DAM Survival Guide, Marketing Director at Picturepark and previous contributor to DAM News has written a special feature for us once more with the title: Become A DAM Superhero. The article discusses how often a single individual within an organisation is required to drive forward a DAM strategy to transform it from a good idea into a tangible reality:

The best “owner” a DAM can have is the person who wants the DAM to succeed the most, and who has the wherewithal to get things done. From the get go, there are decisions that need to be made and policies that must be created and enforced. There will be cranky users who need to be educated and consoled, and there will be budget-minded managers who are hungry for evidence of clear ROI, which can be difficult to provide.” [Read More]

This is a common theme that emerges across all DAM initiatives and it doesn’t appear to make any difference whether it’s on the supplier or purchasing side: DAM initiatives are most successful when the stakeholders passionately care about establishing a collection of media assets that will be both useful to end users and greater than the sum of its parts.  You could argue this is the case with all software, however, with DAM especially, one factor which end users need to recognise (and plan for up-front) is that there is a pre-implementation and planning process which is essential to getting all the elements to work together and can have both long-term positive and negative impacts.

DAM initiatives face all kinds of inertia barriers that make them hard to start and keep on track, however, once you have pushed through those and got DAM in place, the benefits of having them acquire a momentum of their own and offer organisations other advantages that were not originally expected, for example, interoperability with other solutions.  David’s article gives a great introduction to some of the challenges you might face and how to practically go about addressing them if the DAM Superhero role looks likely to become your new unofficial job title.

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