DAM Foundation Digital Asset Manager Human Resources Survey – Call For Participation

DAM Foundation are conducting a survey into human resourcing for Digital Asset Managers, especially salaries and the type of employers who most frequently hire them.  They have conducted this study in previous years (since 2011) so the objective is to measure how the Digital Asset Manager HR situation has changed over time.

If you are employed in this type of role – or one that is closely related, they would definitely welcome your participation in their surveyhttps://digitalassetman.wufoo.com/forms/rg7jwa6161cnaz/  There are about 30 questions and I estimate it will require about 5-10 minutes to complete, so not at all onerous.  All the responses are anonymous and you are not required to hand over email addresses etc to participate.

Elizabeth Keathley from DAM Foundation has provided us with some slides from the results of the previous survey which might be of interest to potential participants to see how the research will be put to use.  The slides are free for anyone else to use also (although I would recommend acknowledging DAM Foundation as your source for the data).

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  • I thought the slides referenced here were very interesting. As a new person entering the profession, I find it interesting that many of the people in this field had not had DAM jobs as their first job… it makes sense, but what does that mean for me? How can I jump in or what is the career path to get there. Also, challenging, the non uniformity of titles. Salaries are about what I expected, except given the age demographics I feel that many people should be higher on the pay scale, but who doesn’t Overall, I thought this was a very informative article/slide show for people who are exploring their options.

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