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Expert Directory

Earlier this week, we launched our DAM News Expert Directory.  This is intended to be a searchable archive of all those with DAM implementation and DAM initiative management expertise.  Anyone with a standard DAM News account (which you can register free of charge) can set up a profile.  Vendors and consultants are also permitted, although if you offer services for hire you must state this via a disclosure option when entering your profile.

The expert directory includes search facilities such as regions the expert will work in, specific areas of expertise, DAM systems and industry expertise.  It is possible to specify a YouTube video, a headshot and some documents like résumés, CVs etc.  The directory can be searched by anyone, no registration is required.

As longer-term readers will be aware, in 2020, DAM Guru Program (DGP) was merged with DAM News and this is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance and streamline the legacy DGP website with a superior user experience.  Previously, details of experts (or ‘gurus’) had to be manually searched by DGP staff using an archaic database with a very poor user interface and manual copying/pasting of expert contact information into emails that were sent out to prospective employers.  The new directory allows employers to search the archive themselves and experts can now manage their own details so it is less like an old-fashioned 1990s IT recruitment agency than once was the case with the multiple DGP legacy system(s) that were previously employed.

As should be obvious, if you’re not both registered and have set up a profile, you won’t be found.  So if you are looking for DAM-related work (or think you might be soon) you might want to consider setting up a profile.  We are also announcing the entries via Twitter.  To get started, register as a DAM News subscriber (the standard/free account is all that is required) and enter your expertise details.  Your information can be amended and you can choose how you want people to contact you.

The DAM News Expert Directory is here: https://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/expert-directory/

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