Featured Job – Digital Asset Manager, Chewy – 15th April 2022

This week’s highlighted position is for a Digital Asset Manager with American online pet food and equipment retailer, Chewy.  Based in Florida, the successful candidate will be responsible for managing all aspect of the organisation’s Adobe Experience Manager DAM platform.  Duties will include implementation, configuration, workflow, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the DAM system, alongside regular DAM tasks such as ingestion, metadata schema, keyword and tagging,  categorisation, usage and access rights, and ensuring optimum search efficiency.  Auditing, reporting, and troubleshooting will also form part of the job’s role, as will user onboarding and training, and working with stakeholders to provide and streamline solutions across multiple workflows.

As a subject matter expert in the technical capabilities of the AEM DAM platform, the best practices for managing digital assets, and the overall creative content production ecosystem, you’ll work closely with team members across Marketing, Merchandising, IT Engineering, and Creative Services to translate business, creative, and operational requirements into a DAM development roadmap and be responsible for the integrations, migrations, best practices, workflows, and governance within the AEM DAM platform.”  [Read More]

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