Featured Job – Workflow Engineer, Chewy – 3rd May 2024

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Workflow Engineer with American pet food and supplies retailer Chewy.  Operating out of the company’s headquarters in Florida, the successful candidate will have a proven track record in digital asset management workflows with at least 3 years’ experience working in a DAM or MAM related environment.  Key responsibilities will include driving the development of best-in-class digital asset and media management processes, including integration with numerous SaaS services, improving automation, ensuring quality standards in transcoding, providing associated analysis, feedback and documentation, working with vendors on software developments, and keeping abreast of emerging technologies in order to continually improve post-production workflows.

You’ll be responsible for building best-in-class media management workflows around our two asset management platforms (MAM/DAM) that set standards for all content projects produced at Chewy. You must have the experience and enthusiasm necessary to jump into a team that is responsible for supporting media assets for all business units, digital channels, and our storefront including photography, graphic design files, and broadcast video editing needs for Chewy.”  [Read More]

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