Simple Template Artwork Generation System Required

One of our readers has contacted us with a requirement which some vendors might be able to help with.  Below is the outline:

The client is an agency who are working for a charity that needs to be able to generate a small amount of artwork (50-250 leaflets per month).  The system must permit end users to edit templates via an interface and only within a preset range of permitted styles (colours, fonts etc).  The resulting artwork must be in PDF format.

The charity has a limited budget and is not looking for generalist image management DAMs, the print templates are a must have feature.  A solution based around InDesign would be desirable.

If you think you can help, either post a comment below or if you would prefer to do this in private, use our contact form.  DAM News will send on details to the client who will contact anyone they like the sound of directly.

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