In-Sourcing Or Out-Sourcing DAM Hosting: Which Is Best For Marketing Managers?

DAM consultants, Daydream, have released a whitepaper, ‘Digital Asset Management Hosting For Marketing Managers’ that examines whether a DAM system should be hosted internally on the business’ own hosting equipment or if it should be out-sourced to the system vendor (or a partner supplier). ┬áThe report offers a number of criteria to help managers decide, including:

  • Asset sensitivity
  • The effect on the business if the hosting service fails
  • How many internal or external users the organisation has
  • Average asset size
  • What internal hosting facilities are available
  • What the vendor can handle
  • Technology & licensing restrictions
  • Internal systems integration
  • IT department constraints and policies
  • Cost

When considering introducing a multi-user Digital Asset Management System, a key question is whether to host internally on your own organisation’s servers or externally with either your vendor or their hosting partner. It can often be difficult for marketing managers to make an informed decision about which option the best choice because there are many conflicting requirements to be considered and the subject is often highly technical. The situation can be compounded by the agenda of the vendor’s sales team or an internal supplier such as an IT department.” [Read More]

*** UPDATE: this paper is now available via the DAM News Whitepaper subscription service.

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