Attributes of Effective DAM Consultants – Feature Article Series

Today I have contributed a feature article to DAM News which is going to be part of a series on the attributes of effective DAM consultants.  This has been inspired by recent client work I have carried out to help establish in-house DAM consulting operations.  The first item is experience, which I regard as the most important attribute of all:

Without having had prior direct exposure to the issues associated with DAM initiatives by being involved in them over an extended period, it is difficult to see how someone can offer advice to anyone else. This might seems like an obvious point, however, I do encounter some consultants who don’t appear to have much tangible experience and whose knowledge is based on what they have read in books, articles etc. This is analogous to learning to swim by reading a textbook; you might know roughly what to expect when you get into the water, but the reality will feel quite a lot different at the point you have to get your feet wet.” [Read More]

In the piece, I offer a number of key areas where consultants need to have demonstrable experience and consider some of the issues that consultants might have to resolve in the course of their work.  To date, while I have seen materials authored by some DAM consultants, I have found a lot less written on how to become one (or evaluate someone who is offering you their services).  I hope this series will help fill that missing gap and provide some useful materials for those interested in this subject.

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