DAM Vendor Selection Training & Accreditation

Last week, we published an educational report, How To Buy Enterprise DAM Systems which quite a few people have since downloaded.  I have received several requests asking if any form of accreditation would be offered.  We did this for our Digital Asset Supply Chain for Marketers course and a number of delegates have taken up the option.  As such, I am pleased to be able to announce that we will be doing the same for this course too.

I am currently working on the accreditation test process, but it is likely to be relatively simple and consist of a multi-choice questionnaire as well as some written work.  The latter will be based around real world tasks that may occur in a typical selection exercise and where possible it will be oriented towards scenarios based on DAM end-user’s own business.  For vendors, consultants and service providers, some substitute example material will be provided so there is no need to reveal and client information.

The report can be downloaded here: https://www.daydream.co.uk/expertise/how-to-buy-enterprise-dam-systems/ A $100 discount is available for DAM end-users and the accreditation is available for no extra cost.


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