The State of DAM User Adoption Today – Webinar Recording Now Available

Last week’s webinar ‘The State of DAM User Adoption Today’ has now been compiled and published to YouTube.  Hosted by Frank DeCarlo from RPR Graphics, and featuring insights, tips and opinions from industry experts Lisa Grimm, Ian Matzen, Ralph Windsor and Henrik de Gyor,  the session takes a deep dive into the challenges of onboarding users into a DAM initiative and the numerous approaches and methodologies for a more successful adoption programme.

Focusing heavily on user-centric roadmaps and being sensitive to existing user behaviours and expectations, the panelists cover a wide range of auxiliary topics including Change Management, training, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), the importance of device-agnostic access and usability, and which metrics to capture and measure in order to gauge whether adoption is effective and on-track.

With a number of user-submitted Q&As and a distinct and refreshing lack of any sales motives, the webinar offers a rare opportunity to tap into a wealth of candid, neutral and actionable advice from some of the industry’s most authoritative voices.

Click here to view the webinar on YouTube

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