JISC Digital Media and Copyright Seminar – 2nd December 2010, Taunton, UK

The JISC Digital Media and Copyright Seminar takes place in Taunton, Somerset (UK) on 2nd December 2010.  The seminar will include a variety of digital media copyright subjects:

  • Dealing with multi-layer intellectual property rights in digital media.
  • Identifying approaches to dealing with the uncertainties of copyright law in relation to
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Workshop: Unleashing the Power of Semantic Data, Amsterdam, 9-10 December 2010

IKS are running two workshops in Amsterdam between Thursday and Friday 9th-10th December 2010 to show how their semantic applications can be used to enhance Content Management Systems.  The first day is designed to demonstrate the benefits of their technology and the second is a more practical session involving integration …

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SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Goverance Webinar: 6th October

Earley Associates present a webinar on SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Governance on October 6th:

In this session, we will explore the Term Store and Enterprise Keyword management features along with other SP 2010 information policy management functions (such as document lifecycle management including content ownership and review and expiration dates).

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The Role of Taxonomy and Metadata in Enterprise Information Management Initiatives: Half Day Briefings

Earley Associates are offering a series of half day briefings on the role of taxonomy and metadata in enterprise information management initiatives.  During the briefings, attendees will learn:

  • How best in class organizations are addressing problems of information findability
  • Approaches for integrating applications using business semantics
  • New approaches to integrating
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