Workshop: Unleashing the Power of Semantic Data, Amsterdam, 9-10 December 2010

IKS are running two workshops in Amsterdam between Thursday and Friday 9th-10th December 2010 to show how their semantic applications can be used to enhance Content Management Systems.  The first day is designed to demonstrate the benefits of their technology and the second is a more practical session involving integration of IKS with CMS:

Because we learn more from watching others work with our tools, we have asked a select group of IKS Early Adopters to demo their systems running with IKS software. So on the first day there are four sessions demonstrating IKS semantic enhancement software in use, starting with the Dynamic Semantic Publishing use case for the Media and Press industry with Entity Hub Syndication, followed by Search Engine Optimisation by leveraging the Google’s Rich Snippets service, and then an example of authoring content with a rich editor (Aloha) supported by semantic add-ons, and finally a look at how IKS can be used as an Enterprise ready Linked Open Data infrastructure for your CMS. We also take this opportunity to show-off our plans to take IKS to Apache, and explain why this is a good thing – for all.” [Read More]

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