Metadata Harmonisation Webinar, 16th March 2011, 1pm (ET)

NISO (National Information Standards Organization) are holding a webinar about metadata standards on 16th March at 1pm (US Eastern Time).  With a wide array of metadata initiatives in circulation across both DAM and ECM, this is certainly a hot topic and one which provokes a lot of discussion and debate.

The webinar is not free, but the cost is relatively low and for vendors or larger consumers of information systems (especially those operating in heterogeneous multi-platform environments) it sounds worthy of investigation:

This webinar explores how metadata standards with significantly different characteristics can productively coexist and how previously isolated metadata communities can work towards harmonization.¬† The webinar presents a solution-oriented analysis of current issues in metadata harmonization with a focus on specifications of importance to the learning technology and library environments, notably Dublin Core, IEEE Learning Object Metadata, and W3C’s Resource Description Framework. Providing concrete illustrations of harmonization problems and a roadmap for designing metadata for maximum interoperability, this webinar will provide a bird’s-eye perspective on the respective roles of metadata syntaxes, formats, semantics, abstract models, vocabularies, and application profiles in achieving metadata harmonization.” [Read More]

The speakers on the webinar include: Mike Nilsson from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Thomas Baker, Chief Information Officer of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

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