JISC Digital Media and Copyright Seminar – 2nd December 2010, Taunton, UK

The JISC Digital Media and Copyright Seminar takes place in Taunton, Somerset (UK) on 2nd December 2010.  The seminar will include a variety of digital media copyright subjects:

  • Dealing with multi-layer intellectual property rights in digital media.
  • Identifying approaches to dealing with the uncertainties of copyright law in relation to digital media.
  • Share experiences of both issues and solutions to digital media IPR challenges.

Relevant for owners and users of copyright-protected digital media, as well as those who simply want to learn about copyright and digital media in general, seminar participants will partake in an informal and discussion based day, learning how to tackle common copyright issues using a ‘framework’ approach and applying it to a series of case studies. The day will conclude with a series of break out sessions to discuss copyright topics identified by attendees.” [Read More]

The seminar costs £100 (UK Pounds) and there are a limited number places available.

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