Digital Publishing Forum: 12 Jan 2011, London UK

The Publishers Association and the Centre for Publishing will be holding the latest in their series of Digital Publishing Forum seminars on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at University College London. Aiming to brief publishers on technical developments, market trends and legal issues in the area of digital publishing, keynote speakers will include: Laurence Kaye of Laurence Kay Solicitors and PA Counsel Hugh Jones. 

2011 will see a push by regulators at national and international levels to adjust the legal framework to bring a borderless market for digital goods and services much closer to reality. This means tackling a wide range of issues from illegal file sharing, copyright exceptions and anti-counterfeiting to e-commerce, data protection, digital preservation, the workings of contacts and licences and digital rights management. Come and hear two leading experts on the subject-leading digital media lawyer Laurence Kaye of Laurence Kaye Solicitors and the PA’s highly experienced counsel Hugh Jones, explain these upcoming changes and explain what they mean for publishers.” [Read More]

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