Picturepark Integrates With Dropbox

One of our featured DAM vendors, Picturepark announced yesterday that they have released a connector module to enable their DAM system to integrate with the Dropbox file sharing system:

Picturepark files are synchronized to Dropbox for Teams accounts from where they can be shared with all or selected Dropbox users, regardless of whether those users have accounts on the Picturepark DAM. Files updated via Picturepark are automatically syndicated to previous recipients, ensuring everyone always has the most recent version of every file.” [Read More]

We have posted releases from other vendors about their integration manoeuvres with more basic end user file sharing systems (or platforms that support this).  As discussed yesterday, one would expect Google Drive connectors to follow fairly soon.  The other intriguing aspect of this kind of press release is to compare it with the OpenText one last month.  The type of features being offered are essentially similar, it’s Cloud integration managed through software that the enterprise has bought for you to prevent you making ad-hoc, unregulated use of a consumer service.

We would expect to see more of this ‘Cloudbursting’  (or ‘Cloud Control’ might be a less PR friendly term) as vendors with more traditional enterprise customers endeavour to hedge their bets on the Cloud.

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