OpenText Managed File Exchange

Enterprise ECM vendor, OpenText have launched “Managed File Exchange”.  This follows their release of Tempo Express earlier this month.  Essentially, the system is more secure form of FTP that intercedes to help end users work around the 10MB attachment limit that they might encounter when using a typical email system or some potentially risky external service like a personal FTP account or third party web based large file delivery systems:

OpenText Managed File Transfer unburdens users from file size limitations while providing usability comparable to email attachments. With support for a wide range of industry standard encryption types and the included OpenText FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography module, OpenText Managed File Transfer helps ensure the safe and compliant exchange of intellectual property. On the receiving end, files are easily accessed from any browser or email system.” [Read More]

If you work for a medium-large organisation then you may run into OpenText solutions.  Many of these are not exactly easy to use or especially functional, however, they do have the major commercial advantage of being already heavily embedded into the companies that use them.  As we have discussed before, these type of services are more likely to help OpenText retain their enterprise clientele by solving some more fundamental issues that their employees face, without necessarily adding anything startlingly new or innovative.  We noted a trend towards inertia and ‘making do’ at the start of 2012 and established players like OpenText seem to have isolated the ‘must have’ features that will tip the balance between making a re-tender worthwhile or not for nervous IT and procurement managers.

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