Phase 1 Acquires Microsoft’s Expression Media

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it had sold its Digital Asset Management solution, Expression Media to Phase 1, a digital camera capture and image manipulation software vendor.  Expression Media was formerly known as iView when acquired from iView-Multimedia in 2006.  iView was popular with photographers and there had recently been some concerns expressed about whether Microsoft was about to drop support for Expression Media – especially when it was removed from the Expression Studio package.  Other tools in the Expression range will still be retained and developed by Microsoft:

We’re excited about taking ownership of Expression Media,” said Henrik O. Håkonsson, president and CEO, Phase One. “We have worked with Microsoft for several years, during which many of our customers have chosen Expression Media for their digital asset management needs. We are now planning product developments to help meet the growing needs of current and future customers. As an immediate benefit to existing Expression Media customers who may not yet have tried it, we are offering a free copy of Capture One to help enhance their photographic workflow.” [Read More]

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