IntelligenceBank Launch ‘Lightning-Fast’ Search

Last week, IntelligenceBank announced the launch of its ‘Lightning-Fast’ search, as part of its 3.0 upgrade.  According to their CEO Tessa Court:

“With this upgrade, our backend infrastructure is 15x faster than other platforms, and we have literally brought a desktop computing experience to the cloud” [Read More]

We have covered this type of press release before, and once again, we are bound to highlight that such hyperbolic claims beg further questions:

  • How slow was the search before if it could be made 15 times faster?
  • If there is 15-fold improvement available, what else is wrong?
  • Where is the evidence to support their assertions?

Search performance is a maintenance upgrade, and shouldn’t be something vendors talk about in press releases, it’s just quicker (and users will notice for about a day or two before assimilating the experience).

Further reading unveils their other new feature: infinite scrolling, whereby resources are incrementally loaded on-demand as the user scrolls down the page.  We’ve not much to say on this other than infinite scrolling has been around for over ten years and we hope it’s been implemented to support traditional linkage methods with regards to pagination (e.g. can users link to a slice or a specific page of search results?).

To be frank, we doubt this drive-by announcement is going to even register on the DAM scene’s swingometer; it hums of all hat and no cattle, and to adopt IntelligenceBank’s somewhat affectatious strapline, such paltry and dated offerings make.them.seem.less.

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