DAM News 2018 Vendor Pricing Survey – Request For Participation

As reported last year and in the email sent to those vendors registered on our DAM vendor directory yesterday, we are seeking  expressions of interest from vendors who would like to participate in our 2018 DAM vendor pricing survey.  This can be done via a form here: http://damvendors.com/pricing-survey/

As with the previous 2016 survey, all the data collected will be anonymised using numeric identifiers.  This means it will not be possible to tell what any specific firm charges, but the full response data will be available to anyone who accesses the report.   When we last conducted this survey, some vendors wanted to be fully transparent about their pricing and have their names displayed alongside their entry (i.e. to waive their anonymity).  As such, there will be an option available to specify that, but only if your firm wants to, this is not mandatory.

The core survey will consist of four typical DAM solution usage scenarios ranging from a small studio requirement through to an enterprise deployment.  A new section for digital asset supply chain vendors who offer microservices which can be purchased independently of their main product will also be included.  This is optional and those firms who do not offer this currently will not be required to enter anything for this section.

Those vendors who complete the survey will get the following:

  1. A copy of the anonymised data so you can see how you compare with your peers.
  2. A 200 word profile to be included in the report with your logo, links to your website, telephone numbers etc.
  3. An article will be written in DAM News (and CMSWire if they agree to publish it) citing the names of all the vendors who completed a survey.
  4. A full copy of the report with commentary about the findings.

A summary edition will be available for anyone to download without charge, but that will not include the data, only overviews of some trends and averages etc.  Both free and paid for versions will include the participating vendor profiles.

The survey will be finalised in Q2 2018 and a period of six weeks will be provided to complete it.  It will be delivered via an on-line form which can be completed electronically (and is separate from the DAM vendors profile questionnaire about your product).

Please note: if you don’t participate, you will not get a copy of the full survey without having to buy it and we will also not provide copies of the last one free of charge.

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