Forthcoming 2018 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey

We are currently considering running another DAM News vendor pricing survey to be published in 2018.  This will be similar to the one we released last year (copies of which are still available).  The previous study was supported by 16 vendors who all contributed data: Asset Bank, Brandfolder, Brandworkz, Daminion, Digital Collections, Digizuite, Freestyle Partners, hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server, Marvia, Meriworks, MerlinOne, NetX, Nuxeo, Picturepark, Third Light and Widen.  As well as DAM News, I wrote a summary for CMSWire also which those considering joining in for the 2018 study may wish to peruse.

An email will be sent out to all firms who have entries on our vendor directory where they can indicate their interest and assuming there are sufficient numbers, we will send those who registered a link to the questionnaire (which will take about 15-20 minutes to complete).  As before, all the data supplied will be presented in anonymous form using random numbers instead of names.  Based on feedback from some who participated last time, we might also permit those who want to have their name included (i.e. not be anonymous) to do so if they wish – but that is entirely optional.  The questions are still to be finalised but for the next edition, we are considering including questions about not only ‘lite’ editions but also microservices/API-only or platform-based product pricing options (where the end user does not need to purchase the entire application but can select individual components instead) as there are an increasing number of vendors now moving to that model for digital asset supply chain projects.  Those vendors still using a legacy, product-oriented approach can simply omit these sections.  Full details on the questions will be confirmed early next year.

As with the 2016 edition, all vendors who agree to participate will get a free copy of the survey and also a profile to be included in the appendices.  A summary of the findings and a comparison with the 2018 numbers will be made against those from 2016 to see if any pricing trends can be extrapolated.

Last year, I received a number of representations from vendors who asked for free copies of the survey data and analysis report, but who did not wish to participate in it.  This really ought to be a ‘needless to say’ point, however, for the benefit of those thinking of making a similar request, if you are a vendor and you are not prepared to contribute your pricing information (in anonymous form) then you will have to pay for a copy like everyone else and no free copies will be given.


We have a form for those who are interested in participating which is here:  Note you must have an approved DAM vendor directory entry to participate (and to answer a question received earlier, no you can’t participate in the survey if you’re not actually a DAM vendor!)

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