Digital Asset Management And Social Media

DAM News contributing editor, Ralph Windsor, has written a special feature following on the DAM Value Chain subject which we have been examining this year: DAM Value Chain: Social Media.  The article is split into two parts.  The first of these deals with the use of Social Media techniques within DAM:

As I will explain, enabling some Social Media features on your DAM solution can have implications you might not have initially anticipated. Equally, anyone planning to ban all their digital media from being used on any Social Media platform because they seem high risk stands to lose out on a substantial marketing opportunity too. There is an ever-present potential for unpredictable events which can have both positive and negative consequences for your digital assets in respect of Social Media. You need to develop practical strategies for managing them so the downside risk is mitigated without impacting the upside. That means understanding precisely what they can do and how they apply to your situation.” [Read More]

As a big “Office Space” fan, I also appreciated the TPS cover sheet references!

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