Digital Photographs And Trustworthiness Of Social Media Platforms: Survey Results

Back in April of this year, we highlighted some research that was being carried out by Jessica Bushey of the University of British Columbia into Digital Photographs And Trustworthiness Of Social Media Platforms.  Last week, Jessica emailed participants a copy of the survey summary report.  The results are broadly in-line with what many DAM professionals would probably expect (certainly from my own perspective) but there are some points of interest which confirm widely-held hypothesis about social media and images.  There is also some discussion of archival and cataloguing practices for images uploaded to social media websites:

The survey data reveals that individuals use smart phones and digital cameras to capture their digital photographs and keep copies of their image files on personal computers and external hard drives after upload to social media platforms. The practice of adding metadata that contributes to the context and describes the content of the digital photograph through the social media application is more prevalent than adding metadata to image files prior to upload.” [Read More]

The summary report can be viewed here:  Details of Jessica’s other research (including this study) is here:

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  • I am a graduate student hoping to work in this field as a consultant. I expect that I will learn a significant amount of important best practices regarding survey design and implementation which I will incorporate into a study I am designing on accuracy and completeness in the digital humanities. Thank you for including it here for review.

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