Digital Photographs And Trustworthiness Of Social Media Platforms

This was announced on David Riecks’ Controlled Vocabulary list and it should be of wider interest to others involved with Digital Asset Management also (especially those with a special interest in social media).  Jessica Bushey of the University of British Columbia is conducting a survey as part of her Ph.D: Trustworthiness of Digital Photographs Accessed and Stored in Social Media Platforms.  Anyone who completes the survey can elect to get a copy of the results.  Being an academic study, you can be reasonably assured that no spam is likely to be sent to you as a result of your participation:

You are invited to participate in a brief study of the use of social media platforms by individuals to access and store their digital photographs. The research is being conducted by Ph.D. candidate Jessica Bushey, under the supervision of Dr. Luciana Duranti at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The aim of this particular survey is to obtain some objective data on individuals’ use of social media platforms in the context of contemporary digital photographic practice.” [Read More]

David reported it took about 6-7 minutes to complete the survey and having just filled it out myself, I would agree with that estimate.  The questions are well structured, don’t require narrative input (unless you want to offer it) and the results should generate some useful insights into digital photographs and social media.  It is long overdue for some proper impartial research to be carried out in this area, so I would recommend giving up a few minutes of your time to provide your input.

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  • Agreed Ralph, this is important and potentially eye-opening research. Digital images are extremely easy to access (in many cases) and alter. That may not matter much with personal photographs and images that obviously altered for amusement, but in the context of any type of official record or image, the inclusion of accompanying and complete metadata (e.g. the source, location, and date of the original photo) becomes vital.

    BTW, congrats on Digital Asset Management News being named one of the top records and information management blogs (details here: Nice!

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