SharePoint 2010: “Prudence” Cautioned Against The Hype

The launch of SharePoint 2010 (and Office 2010 on the same day) has prompted a number of reactions from commentators.  Many have noted that Microsoft are especially keen that IT managers are made aware of the benefits of the new platform.  By tying Office 2010 into the same release schedule, it is clear that Microsoft’s strategy is to integrate their core business (the Office application suite) with SharePoint to remain embedded within larger organisations despite the best efforts of Google and other SaaS vendors.  Tony Byrne of Real Story Group makes the observation that SharePoint may not entirely live up to its billing:

“The real story is more mixed. In some cases, SP2010 offers impressive new features; in others (e.g., WCM and Social Computing) Redmond continues to play catch-up with competitors who innovate more quickly. You may become a lonely voice of prudence in your organization, but don’t let that stop you from pushing back against the hype.” [Read More]

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