Assessing The ROI Obtained From DAM Systems

This article from Henrik de Gyor discusses how to measure the success of a DAM initiative.  He considers various metrics and recommends that users employ DAM solutions that include sufficient reporting capabilities to support their study:

  • How many active DAM users do you have?
  • How many departments or groups in your organisation use the DAM?
  • Who are the most active groups or users?
  • How many assets are being ingested into the DAM?
  • How many assets are catalogued?
  • How many assets are being downloaded from the DAM?
  • What type of asset is the most popular download from the DAM?
  • When does the activity in the DAM peak?
  • Where are the most active DAM users located geographically?

Henrik also makes the valuable point that the sampling over multiple points in time is necessary to make an accurate assessment of ROI and how a DAM system is being used.

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