2017 DAM Salary Survey Results Published

The eagerly anticipated 2017 DAM salary survey has now been published and is available to download for DAM News subscribers.   As some readers may recall, this was formerly managed by the now defunct DAM Foundation and has been resurrected this under the banner of the newly formed DAM Federation.

The latest edition includes anonymised data from over 100 respondents who are predominantly working as digital asset managers for commercial and non-commercial organisations.  The analysis was carried out by Lisa Grimm, Deb Fanslow and Elizabeth Keathley (who conducted the original studies in 2012 and 2014).  The survey, which consists of a PDF and associated Excel files is entirely free to download and is accessible here without registration:

Between the first and second iteration of this survey were a drop in average pay and the rise of a those with library degrees in the survey respondents. It was posited in 2015 that the drop in average salary may have reflected the globalization of DAM use – that is, Digital Asset Management systems are now employing talent in geographic regions where the pay is, on average, much less than in the traditional media centers of London, New York, and Southern California. The rise of those with library school degrees in the data may have been truly reflective of a trend in the industry or an error of bias in the self-selected survey respondents – and the issue is not settled with the 2017 results, which once again showed a relatively high percentage of library degrees, but also a wide selection of other advanced degrees. Mean salaries returned to their 2012 mark, but the median continues to be lower – which may be reflective of gender bias, the continued adoption of DAM in traditionally lower-paying industries and regions, or a combination of those factors.” [Read More]


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