DAM Event Updates – 23rd September 2020

Next week, there are a number of DAM and marketing related events happening.

On Wednesday 30th September, taxonomy management software providers Synaptica are hosting Knowledge Modeling for the Task at Hand – a free online webinar exploring the various knowledge models and their relative complexity.

Lists, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies: how simple or complex should a knowledge model be to meet the task at hand? Are all taxonomies and thesauri simple or can they model complex systems? Similarly, are all ontologies necessarily complex or can they model simple interactions between concepts?”  [Read More]

Also on Wednesday 30th September, the first in a series of ten online webinars exploring Content Hubs begins.  The Content Hub Revolution, moderated by Theresa Regli, features guest speakers from numerous DAM vendors with a dedicated Q&A sessions.

As DAM has grown beyond its traditional silo in recent years and taken a starring role in the enterprise technology stack, vendors and enterprises alike have evolved their products and strategies to create and serve Content Hubs. These DAM-centric aggregation platforms bring content together from multiple different sources into a unified, single tool and user interface. They’ve become “the holy grail” for enterprises large and small, driven by strong industry forces.”  [Read More]

On Thursday October 1st, How to Transform your Marketing with a Customer Data Platform is a free webinar presenting US business data analyst Dun & Bradstreet as they explore the topic of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and how they can help marketers store, manage and leverage the increasing amount of customer data to drive growth and improve ROI.

As the world continues to change we are seeing more importance placed on the Digital Marketplace and the ability of sales and marketing teams to adjust their growth strategies has never been more important. This is the time for Marketing and Sales Operations to be agile, particularly around Account-Based Selling.”  [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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