The Four Cornerstones Of DAM

DAM consultants, Daydream, have released an article called “The Four Cornerstones of Digital Asset Management” where they give a summary of their methodology for implementing DAM solutions.  A little controversially, they assert that only 4 factors are required  for a successful DAM project: Assets, Metadata, Workflow and Permissions:

Each provides a cornerstone of a Digital Asset Management strategy and they should all integrate to provide both stability and versatility. We have found that by focusing on each of these cornerstones we can implement a solution that provides long term value to the business and offers a framework to introduce the numerous competing requests for features. While there are frequently other sub-requirements that can appear to be as significant as the four areas mentioned above, if the solution adequately addresses these, the rest tend to be manageable over the lifetime of the system.” [Read More]

The article has some useful points to consider for those interested in  enterprise oriented DAMs and makes a worthwhile point about keeping encouraging end users to focus on the core requirements of a DAM rather than the “kitchen sink” effect that is frequently a characteristic of larger DAM projects.

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