Keeping The Brand In Line With MAM

In this article, Peter Ostrow and Omer Minkara from the Aberdeen Group, discuss how specialist digital asset management applications, which are focused on marketing management tasks, can be used to improve brand consistency and provide better return-on-investment for your marketing expenditure. (Editor’s note: These systems are also known as Brand Asset Management systems.)

“Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is an emerging category of Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology that has been developed exclusively for the marketing function. With a host of digital asset technology available, many generic DAM products lack workflow capabilities, dynamic collateral development, and the user security required for productive marketing asset management. Every organization needs centralized access to brand assets and marketing materials. MAM helps centralize, create and manage marketing assets. In 2009, brand consistency and return on marketing investment were bumped to the number two and three pressures behind MAM investments.” [Read More]

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