Does Your DAM Micromanage Your Staff?

DAM consultants, Daydream have posted an article by Ralph Windsor on the dangers of what they call “Digital Asset Micromanagement”, which discusses how permissions controls can damage the productivity of your employees if not applied with care and attention. ┬áThe seven “deadly sins” (as they call them) cover these areas:

  1. Allowing fear to determine permissions controls rather than user needs.
  2. Sending out too many email alerts
  3. Using every permissions tactic or technique available
  4. Blocking legitimate access to assets in order to protect against a minority of abusers
  5. Forcing employees to use the software when it isn’t appropriate
  6. Constantly badgering staff to agree to legal terms
  7. Not listening to users

The typical method for dealing with the weight of perceived potential risk for many corporate implementers of DAM is to opt for an excess of management controls to protect the interests of different stakeholders. Everyone wants to make sure they have covered their specific area of responsibility so if something does go wrong, it won’t be their fault and the objective is often to limit the potential for anyone to argue that controls were not in place and that they didn’t know about some critical event or development.” [Read More]

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