Call for Contributions: AI and DAM Innovation

This month’s editorial topic is AI and DAM Innovation.  The latest developments in Digital Asset Management and AI are beginning to transform how organisations manage and derive value from their digital content.  One notable trend being bundled into many platforms is the integration of AI-driven metadata tagging and auto-classification features to help streamline the process of organising and searching for digital assets.  Machine learning algorithms and large language models (LLMs) are being used to analyse content, automatically assign the relevant tags and categorise assets based on their content, context, and usage patterns.  We are also seeing an increasing number of vendors leveraging AI for advanced search functionality, enabling users to find assets more effectively via natural language processing and image recognition, even in the absence of descriptive metadata fields.  Another notable innovation involves the use of predictive analytics in DAM, helping organisations to anticipate content trends, optimise asset usage, and generally improve their digital asset workflows.  These developments are not only capable of boosting operational efficiency and facilitating deeper integration with external systems, but can also empower businesses to harness the full potential of their digital assets in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Call for Contributions

We are inviting our readers and subscribers for contributions and we’d love to hear about your experiences, insights and challenges regarding the fusion of AI and DAM.  What steps has your organisation taken to integrate AI into your DAM platform and digital content workflows?  Have you been disappointed by the results of an AI integration such as search, image recognition or auto-tagging?  Are you already using generative AI within your DAM, perhaps replacing a photographer or graphic designer, to create or modify brand or digital marketing content? Are you doing something totally unique, ground-breaking or radical with AI and DAM?

Contributed articles must be exclusive to DAM News (i.e. not published elsewhere), non-promotional and adhere to our editorial guidelines.

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We reserve the right to modify submissions in order to comply with our editorial guidelines and will notify the author should we need to make any changes.  We will also provide a link to either you or your company’s website and/or LinkedIn profile.

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