An Introduction To The Digital Asset Management Value Chain

In this special feature written by both myself and Ralph Windsor, we analyse a concept we are calling the Digital Asset Management Value Chain.  We believe this will shape the future direction of the DAM sector and may address a number of the structural inefficiencies that we believe currently limit the ability of DAM to successfully deliver solutions to the needs of users.  The main article discusses several factors:

  • What is the Digital Asset Management Value Chain?
  • How it differs from current approaches
  • What it might look and operate like as it develops over time

The introductory feature is the first of a number of articles.  We intend to consider a variety of different characteristics of DAM as experienced by end users and see how value chains may impact upon them both positively and negatively.

The ‘Digital Asset Management problem’ is getting bigger and will become harder to solve via a single software application – whether you access it via the Cloud or installed internally on your organisation’s own servers. In our view, what is required is a more modular and process oriented approach, i.e. a Digital Asset Management Value Chain where end users can mix and match all the elements that contribute value to their Digital Asset Management strategy.” [Read More]

We fully anticipate many will disagree with a number of our conclusions and (in common with all other DAM News commentary) we welcome the opportunity to debate the points raised.

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