Key Attributes For Successful Digital Asset Managers

Henrik de Gyor, who operates has written an article for where he discussed various attributes and skills that a Digital Asset Manager should have.  He covers four major areas:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Information

Here are a few points from the ‘People’ section:

Be resourceful…Be honest. Brutally honest if needed. Do not hold back much. The truth may require revealing news people do not want to hear, but rather need to hear (if you have read my blog or know me well enough, you will know what I mean)…Be patient. Not everyone will be technical nor understand what is involved…Listen. To your users. All of them. Not just to yourself talking and repeating yourself.” [Read More]

The second point in that quote certainly resonated with my own experiences of DAM, although probably less as a Digital Asset Manager and more as someone who liaises with them and hears about the reality of actually using DAM solutions and implementing digital media libraries.

The DAM industry is characterised by a dangerous combination of vendor over-exuberance for the capabilities of their own products and end user indifference to the proper process and effort required to DAM properly.  Digital Asset Managers working for organisations have to plug the gap between those two poles while simultaneously justifying the own existence to senior managers eager to slash costs.  Henrik’s article does a good job of explaining the techniques to deal with the multitude of challenges prospective Digital Asset Managers may face.

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