Digital Librarians And Their Role In DAM

Deb Hunt, writing on the FUMSI site describes some unique skills that digital librarians can bring to a DAM implementation.  These include:

  • An understanding of who audiences are and what they are looking for.
  • Developing metadata schemas and taxonomies.
  • Recognising the business value that finding information offers.
  • Experience of creating IP and copyright policies.
  • Expertise about organising assets.
  • Findability and organising information.
  • Able to prioritise what needs to be indexed first and why.
  • Understanding the importance of starting small and scaling up based on clearly defined need.

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One comment

  • I hope this article and others like it encourage more DAM organizations to really consider the value an information professional can bring to DAM. Unlike some DAM professional services organizations that provide little more value than being able to install software, information pros can really bring any DAM to life. Kudos to Deb for the article, and thank-you to DAM News for featuring it!

    David Diamond
    Director of Global Marketing, Picturepark

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