Using DAM Guru Program to start a DAM Meetup

Looking to start a digital asset management Meetup in your area? DAM Guru Program can connect you with others nearby who are interested in doing the same.

Some of the benefits of getting a DAM Meetup going include:

  • Meet others in your area who share your interest in DAM
  • Conduct in-person educational sessions without the expense of trade shows
  • Establish a local Meetup chapter that isn’t under the control of any commercial interests

DAM Guru Program encourages its members to connect with one another via Meetups because we believe facetime and ongoing educational focus are good for building a stronger DAM community. Meetups are local, recurring and, best of all, free, so everyone can attend.

Digital asset management Meetups that are already active are listed here. There’s a button at the top you can use to start your own.

If you’d first like to connect with some other DAM people in your area, contact your DAM Guru Program manager. If you’re not yet a member of DAM Guru Program, you can get started by using the form on this page. Membership and all related services are always free of charge.

Here’s a group to keep an eye on no matter where you are:

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