Insight Exchange Network 2nd DAM Summit, New York, 24th-25th January 2019

This post was contributed by DAM Guru member, Jeffrey Marino.


Bring on a DAM Happy New Year at the 2nd Annual Digital Asset Management Summit 2019, hosted in NYC by Insight Exchange Network. The conference takes place on January 24th -25th next year and promises to highlight and elevate the importance of effective digital asset management strategies for the enterprise.

We hereby resolve to meet up with DAM Guru Program members and to bring you a full report on the business-critical topics presented in the sessions. We’ll listen closely for insights and best practices across the entire spectrum of Digital Asset Management, including:

  • The DAM value proposition
  • Metadata, mindset & AI
  • Systems integration
  • Platform fit
  • User Experience and adoption
  • Brand library, archive and history

IEN is a new nexus of information and expertise for DAM practitioners. Last year the conference debuted as The Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange:

“The overall sentiment was that the IEN event was a success and the fact that the majority of attendees were DAM managers and professionals (as opposed to vendors) resulted in a more personal and expertise-based event.” [Read More]

The 2019 Summit again brings together experts in a wide span of business categories ranging from broadcasters to e-commerce, retail, food and packaged goods, non-profits and content marketing. Among others, we are looking forward to hearing updates from Dan Piro at NHL and Sally Hubbard at PBS (both of whom we mentioned in our Reflections On The 2018 Digital Asset Symposium), and we will certainly welcome the perspective of all of this year’s presenters, including heavyweights like Amazon, Adobe, Dell and Turner Sports.

The agenda is a balanced mix of breakout and networking sessions, four in-depth case studies and five panel discussions (one of which, Vendor Selection, Management, and DAM Essentials, is moderated by one of our very own: DAM Guru Ralph Windsor.)

Let’s meet up! (yes, there’s a cocktail hour too). Please visit the 2nd Annual Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 website for more information and to register to attend.

DAM Guru Program members: be sure to use code M123DNDG15 to get a 15% discount on the cost of the Summit.

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