How DAM Guru Program is Managed

How DAM Guru Program is Managed

New case study offers behind-the-scenes view into management system

Many questions come in about how we managed DAM Guru Program. Some assume we use an automated matching algorithm that connects members based on interests and experience. In fact, no DGP operations are automated. Every member match, GuruTalk profile, member webinar, tweet and DAM job post are considered by program managers to ensure they will offer value to members.

When you consider how hit-and-miss the “maybe you know this person” suggestions are on social media, you can better appreciate that effectively connecting and promoting our members requires the actions of people who know our membership and understand what they’re trying to do.

DAM Guru Program membership data is managed using Picturepark digital asset management software. This won’t surprise those who know that Picturepark created and continues to sponsor DAM Guru Program operations, but “we got the DAM for free” wasn’t the reason we chose Picturepark as a platform. After all, the management of people is more typically done using a CRM, like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. We consider those systems and more, but Picturepark has one thing that other DAMs and CRMs lack: Adaptive Metadata schemas. As it turned out, this made Picturepark the best candidate for managing our “human asset” members.

DAM Guru Program’s Picturepark instance has been featured in an in-depth case study. See how the system was designed by program managers and DGP member, Deb Fanslow. Learn what worked and didn’t work so well when it was launched, and see the potential if offers for future DGP member opportunities.

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