Essential DAM Planning for Museums


Museum administrators face critical decisions each day. It is no different in the planning of a new digital asset management system.

Speaker Susan Barrett offers viewers a better understanding of the process for planning, selecting or transferring to a new DAM system. She knows this can be an overwhelming project to conquer. Join Susan as she slays the planning dragon by taming “technolust” and shows you how to develop a digital strategy, prior to investing in a DAM system.

Susan has been a DAM Guru Program member since December 2013. Connect with her on Twitter.

Webinar recorded on 16 July, 2014.


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Picturepark sponsors this webinar as part of the #LearnDAM initiative to provide the DAM community with quality digital asset management educational materials that are not sales focused.

Essential DAM Planning for Museums

Sue Barrett - Educational Technologist

Susan Barrett,
Instructional Technologist with Arizona State University

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