DAM Workflows: From Content Creation to Long-Term Storage

Corey Chimko offers attendees an examination in the variety of possible DAM workflows for system users.

In this webinar, you will learn options for content creation, asset processing, metadata application, ingesting assets into the DAM, access and distribution, asset lifecycle, and long-term storage.

Corey has been a DAM Guru Program member since March 2014. Connect with him on LinkedIn. Corey has also done a #GuruTalk interview for DAM Guru Program, which you can read here. In his webinar, Corey invites people to visit the Cornell University DAM system.

Webinar recorded on 24 March, 2015.

Picturepark sponsors this webinar as part of the #LearnDAM initiative to provide the DAM community with quality digital asset management educational materials that are not sales focused.

DAM Workflows: From Content Creation to Long-Term Storage

Digital Resources Coordinator - Corey Chimko

Corey Chimko,
Digital Resources Coordinator at Cornell University

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